i love their friendship


i love their friendship

stuff like that makes me want to watch gundam even though i know full well the show is ACTUALLY about human drama and not giant robots fighting each other

also when i was in the gundam museum shop there was a screen playing clips from the cartoons and one of them was like 3 straight minutes of lovingly shot robot gore

after odaiba was the GHIBLI MUSEUM 

unfortunately we only got there like an hour before closing, but the exhibits i saw before then were amazing oh my god.  there was a zoetrope room and a huge recreation of miyazaki’s work space (full of watercolor storyboards * __ * ) and we did manage to get into the gift shop before it closed

BUT just as they were kicking everyone out it started thunderstorming out of nowhere, so they actually kept us INSIDE for at least an hour and a half it was incredible.  we got trapped in the ghibli museum.  the best part was there were a bunch of tiny children in there with us, so the museum staff started finding ways to keep them occupied, which started out with reopening the first floor exhibits and ended with us getting to see TWO MORE GHIBLI SHORTS THAN WE WERE SUPPOSED TO  

the one we got a ticket for was the little traveling girl with no dialogue but lots of onomatopoeia (also cute bugs), but then we also got to see MEI AND THE KITTEN BUS and the cutest thing ever about an elderly couple helping the mice who live in their house win a tiny forest animal sumo competition 

we eventually left too late to go hang around shibuya like we planned but tbh getting stuck in the ghibli museum was more than worth it lol

look at this fine robot booty

i dont know SHIT about gundam but the gundam museum in odaiba was SO GOOD

look at all these dang robots.

there was just a question about portal on jeopardy
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i.  thank u???


optimus: stop lying. stop manipulating. just be nicer






it’s almost 5 am and im listening to “the touch” and i feel powerful





YEAH!!!  they were really good!  especially the vanilla one, it was almost like pudding *w*